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Wednesday, 15-Aug-2007 12:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bless me as a wise muslimah

* Don’t be sad, Allah is with you.
* What I’ve discovered time and again is that when Allah test you, it is only because you have been neglecting your duties towards Him.

* You have been too engrossed in Dunya that you forget Akhirah.
* And when that happens, He will drop a post-it note to remind you that He is watching you.
* And I got a post-it note last night. Fair enough I was quite upset. But insya-Allah, I didn’t ask why Allah.
* I knew why.
* It is His way of saying “Oh, my dear servant, I will not burden you with what you unable to bear, but you have been an ignorant Muslimah of late, so I have to do this to you. You will find your way out, by My Mercy. I will give you clues along the way so you may find yourself back into My graces again. My test for you is a sign of My love for you.”
* Innallaha Ma’na.


Tuesday, 31-Jul-2007 11:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
farhan and ammar

an old picture when they celebrated adik's bithday
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[b] lately, i am really busy with my sometimes i do missed my two little boys...ammar and farhan .....i couldn't express how do I really loved and missed them....I snapped as much picture of them by using my mobile.....If I got a break from lab work and study....I will look at their picture....just ALLAh knows what i fell....Ya..ALLAH pls give me a strength and peace. Put me on the right trail as your servants...Let me gain as much knowledge as on your will to be a good faithful wife, a solehah ummi , good sister and lovely daughter until I leave this dunia forever.....Insya'ALLAH

Wednesday, 25-Jul-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mak is here

whilst did shopping in stoke-on-trent
Opah in Sherwood Forest Carnival
big smile
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Alhamdulillah, my mum has been in UK today. She'd arrived at our house at 10.00 p.m...and all in sudden she's already infront of our house. The boys got excited when she hand in them 4 CD's of ultraman that my sister bought for them. Unfortunately, her luggage was broken...I think it was happened at the airport but Alhamdulillah everything still there. As usual, my mum does bring with her plenty of kitab and doa sheets. I also got something, my baju kurung kedah.... Mak seemed tired but she has a lot of thing to chat with me. Insya'Allah, I will spend my time listening to her broad of story. I was wondering if abah still alive, he must be excited to come over here with mak. Ya Allah, blessed my abah because he was a wise man, a good father and helpful brother...we missed you a lot abah.....Al-fatihah

Wednesday, 11-Jul-2007 10:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
generous boys------my two son baked the cup cakes

my pleasant mixer
ready for the next details
ammar was filling the cake's cups
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As Ammar requested a few days ago....finally...I got a space helped him bake Ammar first ever cup cakes...As usual....his little brother ..Farhan was keep irritating us in the kitchen ......To be pleased with him...I did asked him to put all the details on the cup cakes....a bit artistic...They did enjoyed that evening...with colourful cup cakes.....steamed edition...huh...
My husband snapped a few photos of the joyful junior cake bakers.....ammar n' adik....

Monday, 9-Jul-2007 10:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my husband b'day

abg put the flame on candles
blew the candles...fusss...fusss
got backup...farhan eveready to blow the candles..
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we did celebrated roslli's b'day yesterday(8 th July 2007)...well grown up abah....he's already 33 yrs old. Amazing age ....could not be seen in the other way round...
I baked the cake while he was having a short nap with farhan doesn't be an extremed surprised since I couldn't found any lighter for the candles....I woke him up n' asked him a lighter..he guessed something odd...and I'm not a very good liar actually....ammar tried hide the cake..but literally out... Roslli was pretending shocked even though he's the end it was a lovely birthday party for Roslli. My kids sang a birthday song for him and ammar did recited doa for his dad...Brilliant ammar at the age 6. He was my secret partner compare to farhan. Nice job my dear...

Happy birthday...abah...Perhaps we can share this beautiful life more longer....Insya'Allah

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